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Prestigious German television channels enjoy their nominations on New York Festivals of World's Best Television & Films

14 Feb 2014   •   12:49
The New York Film Festival (New York Festivals of World's Best Television & Films) is one of international prestige, each television attending it and nominated for one of the contest categories, is very proud of this achievement. Here are some examples of in the German press, highlighting the achievements of the most important stations in the contest:

The New York Film Festival, one of the most important festivals in the world television, was attented by the television NDR with two documentaries, each of thm received the "Gold World Medal" and a third documentary was awarded the "World Silver Medal ".

"Aghet - genocide" by writer and director Eric Friedler was awarded in the categoy "program information / documentation." The Gold Medal went to the documentary "Dirty Chocolate" too, which was awarded in the category "social issues". The silver medal was won by the NDR drama documentay "Eichmann's End - love, betrayal, death," directed by Raymond Ley.

The documentary "Aghet - A genocide" tells the story of the genocide of Armenians during World War I, 1.5 million people died under the Ottoman - Turkish Empire back then.

The Documentary Drama "Eichmann's End - love, betrayal, death," tells, through a dense interweaving of historical images, reports of victims and witnesses, the unknown and almost unbelievable story of the mass deportation of European Jews.

The documentary "Dirty Chocolate" depicts the chocolate industry being smeared by child trafficking and the hard work they are subjected to. The Investigative journalist and director Miki Mistral traveled with his cameraman to Africa, in Mali and from there to the Ivory Coast, the world's largest producer of cocoa beans. He found evidence that children are used as slaves on cocoa plantations.

"The Silence" was the production that brought the Germans from ZD F the World Gold Medal at the New York Film Festivals for best TV drama.

"Silence" is the debut in cinema of Baran bo Odar and has already won several awards, including the Prize of Literature and Film International Book Fair in Germany and the Television Audience Award.

The New York Film Festival was founded in 1963 and is the oldest and most prestigious international film festival in the United States. The films are selected by the counterparties located in Lincoln Center - New York Film Society.

"George" is a documentary drama that brought the World Gold Medal to the German television, defeating a strong competition of over 50 applicants from around the world..

"George" tells the story of a man going through existential drama in Nazi Germany. Historical images, interviews with the characters and time frames of the war impressed the judges who awarded the Gold Medal to the documntary drama .

Mihai Gadea showed Thursday evening during the Daily summary show other examples of broadcasters in Germany who boast that they were awarded in the New York Festivals of World's Best Television and Films. Moreover, the U.S. secretary of state John Kerry, who is part of the awarded company's board boasts with their bronze performance in the prestigious competition were Antena 3 won the Gold.

Antena 3 also won the gold medal and the German RTL II television boast on their website that they received a bronze medal at the same festival. (...) The management board of a company that received the bronze medal counts the very U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry, who is proud that he received the bronze medal, there where Romania received the medal gold. And thsese lowlives dare to throw trash at not only against those children but also at Antena 3, and in a global competition, " Mihai Gâdea said.

Mihai Gadea also presented other films that were awarded at the New York Festivals World's Best Television and Films, films made ​​by famous TV channels such as CNN, Discovery, BBC or NBC.

"Do you know what the great thing is? Watching these films, do you know what is impressing? When you watch the Premiere film awarded last year you can see it is nothing less than what I’ve seen here ", Mihai Gâdea said.

He stressed that Antenna 3 people’s work cannot be denigrated by some characters in Romania and announced that he would sue Robert Turcescu for his statements.

"This boy argued the fact that Antenna 3 and the wonderful people at Antenna 3 who worked hard, are nominated in one of the most prestigious competitions in the world. Since 1957, the New York Festival of World's Best Television and Films gives awards each year, rewarding the best people in the industry. And yet one who has taken money as bribe from Becali cannot come and make assessments. Well , if you're any good, why don’t you compete. (...) But how can you compete with programs showing you interviewing Traian Basescu on your knees? You cannot. There's no way. But when some very good people in TV are nominated, at least shut up, if you have nothing else to say, " Mihai Gadea said..

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